Across the sea and around the world 21

For Easter and politics go well with each other.

1. Pope Benedict XVI’s homily for Palm Sunday: Lift up your hearts!

2. Deane Galbraith of Remnant of Giants: An extensive review of Maurice Casey’s Jesus of Nazareth.

3. The King’s Version: A contemporary translation of the New Testament — by N. T. Wright.

4. Stanley Hauerwas: We are prisoners no more.

5. Rabbi David Wolpe: Are we Israelites or Egyptians?

6. You’ve heard it preached but now it’s the time to play it. Heaven: the game.

7. Tin Pei Ling makes it into the New York Times: “This year, for the first time, the government has approved the Internet as a medium for political campaigning. With or without an official go-ahead, social media have swelled beyond government control, and Ms. Tin has become what one analyst called “collateral damage.” Jokesters quickly christened her Sarah Pei Ling, after Sarah Palin, the former U.S. vice-presidential candidate.”

8. Orchid revolution, anyone?

9. Similar to rhetorics of fear, rhetorics of impending apocalypse in Singapore is another overexploited tactic employed by the ruling party. Singapore is so small, very fragile, has no natural resources, must be stable to survive, can’t afford multiple party system, thus vote for status quo! I suppose the latter is used to achieve the former.

10. MM Lee is contesting again in Tanjong Pagar GRC for this year’s election. Last time I checked, Soeharto is dead and Mahathir is happily retired.

Speaking of Tanjong Pagar GRC, one of the MPs in the constituency are Lily Neo. Her full name? Lily Tirtasana Neo, and she was born in Medan. The Online Citizen characterized her as “a rare PAP breed”, who dares to question and argue with the government for the sake of the poor and the needy.

11. From The Online Citizen: Spot the difference!

And why again haven’t I encountered any party in kopitiam? I heard Pioneer SMC will be contested by three parties, no?


2 thoughts on “Across the sea and around the world 21

  1. dpredie

    10. i dont even know he are still active and contesting. scary amat compete ama founding father.

    11. jam tangan, and branding (red). the rest is, like they say, history.

    1. septian Post author

      10. ya. to be MM presupposes that you are an MP in the first place. and, ya, thats why no one bothers to contest Tanjong Pagar GRC. suicide attempt.

      11. this is home truly, where i know i must be!


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