Hell breaks loose into time


1. Hell (and Rob Bell) makes into the cover story of Time magazine! Main article: Is hell dead?

(Reminiscing the April 8, 1966 cover story for Time: Is God dead? Of which the answer is yes, lots of gods — pious and heathen — are dead. And, notice that both editions were printed for the Easter week on the respective year.)

By the way, do you think it is easier to affirm exclusivism (as traditionally defined) if your ancestors are Christians? To put it differently, is it more difficult to accept it if you know that your parents and grandparents will be damned forever and ever and ever? I am not saying that personal experience should be determinative for our theological beliefs (as it is not), but I just want to point out that the conservative Christians in the U.S. might not aware that theirs, too, are formed by their own historical backgrounds.

(While we are on this topic, Richard at the connexions has a post on hell. Below is the video that he linked in his post.)

2. Reuters: “Ninety-eight percent of sexually active Catholic women in the United have used contraceptive methods banned by the church.” I think contraception is one area where curiously analogia fidei prevails against the more commonly received analogia entis in the Catholic church.

3. William Cavanaugh, on the spirituality and materiality of economics.

4. Simcha Jacobovici, who was infamous for claiming to have found the tomb of Jesus (and his family), has now found the nails which might have been used to crucify Jesus! Now you know that Easter must be coming soon!


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