The creators of Ice Age have made it again. A simple, fun animated movie of exotic animals which you will not probably see by yourself in your lifetime. The difference is Ice Age tells us about our past, but Rio tells us about our present. Nevertheless, the similarity remains. Animals in Ice Age has become our past, and it is not implausible to imagine that animals in Rio would become our past as well, particularly with respect to the current deforestation in the Amazon rainforest (and, for that matter, Borneo!). Indeed, the main characters in this film, Blu and Jewel, are Spix’s Macaws, which do not exist anymore in the wild (can you name immediately which animals are blue in color? yeah, that’s why twitter’s logo is a logo). In some sense, Rio is telling us a true story. Smuggling and deforestation are real problems which need our prayer and attention. A true story, which sadly could become a true history as well, if we don’t do anything about it.


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