Across the sea and around the world 20

1. Ben Myers: On violence and children stories.

2. Ben’s BFF, Kim: Biblical resources for a sexual ethic. (ha!)

3. All three episodes of The Bible’s Buried Secrets: (1) Did King David’s empire exist? (2) Did God have a wife? (3) The real garden of Eden. Yeah, common stuffs.

4. A paper which might or might not interest you: Early Christian binitarianism.

5. Finally Gbagbo is ousted. Meanwhile, the struggles carry on in Libya, Bahrain, Syria. Wishlist for Easter: Qaddafi?

6. BLZBB may hate Rob Bell but he definitely loves Terry Jones.

“The children of God ‘abide’ in love: and this applies to both [the love of God and the love of neighbor], because they know that, once they have fled to God, there is no other place to which they can flee.” (I/2, 434)


2 thoughts on “Across the sea and around the world 20

  1. dpredie

    1. enter disney: no violence produces hapless kids.

    2. dia post ga cuman di FT ya

    3. belom pernah denger yg gen2. nice complement to walton’s 1 haha


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