Addition by subtraction

1. Finally I managed to obtain the addict score for the Poached Eggs episode. Thus I am left with Danger Above and The Big Setup episodes, although I don’t think I will try to get addict scores for both of them (another 100k points for each!). Anyway, the easiest episodes to get addict scores are Mighty Hoax and Ham ‘Em High. It’s a cheat for the latter, by the way, since you get additional scores from the last three Facebook stages. If I discounted the scores from those stages, actually I still needed 40k points to get 4.1m points purely from non-Facebook stages. Or, to put it differently, I think they should have set the addict score for Ham ‘Em High to be around 4.38m points. So, I guess now I will just wait for updates from Angry Birds Seasons (definitely there will be an update on Easter — eggs, anyone?) and the scheduled updates from Angry Birds Rio.

2. The breakthrough came from Poached Eggs 3.16 (surely it is not coincidental — Max Lucado wrote a whole book based on the number!), from which I learnt that sometimes you can do an addition by subtraction. You don’t need to use the red bird as it will only mess the structure. Just throw it away. Then bomb the center of the structure using the white bird and 70-75k points are yours. Now that is a new strategy which I’ve never used before and should consider to use it more often.

3. And sometimes life is like that. You can actually add more fullness into your life if you subtracted some of its current parts. Busy-ness does not mean fullness. You see, you become wiser by playing Angry Birds. Some day, I will tell my grandchildren that once upon a time their grandpa was among the top 20 Angry Birds players in Singapore. And of course it really matters and is totally not in vain.

(I saw Angry Birds plush toys in VivoCity! It’s so fluffy I’m gonna die!)

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