Magicians do exist

1. Loved the animation style — very, very pleasing to the eyes. A fresh return to the old school animation style.

2. A picture is worth a thousand words, and it is literally so in this film as you can’t really know what the characters are talking about (if any, as this film approaches complete silence!) — in heavily accented English, French, and (gasp) Gaelic!

3. If you have come to know Scotland only from this film, you might think that Scotland (and, particularly, Edinburgh) is a very beautiful place on earth. And it is. Again: very, very pleasing to the eyes.

4. “Magicians do not exist”, wrote the illusionist, who had been disillusioned by the increasingly unpopularity of stage entertainers, to the perhaps last person who still believed in him. Real magic does not exist, they are merely tricks. Get on with the real life, the disenchanted life. But why is this “real” life so gloomy, as embodied by the overall atmosphere of the film? Might we lose something important, indeed, something basic to our humanity, when we leave behind the magical, enchanted world?

By the way, the portrayal of Edinburgh in this film somehow reminds me of this video which I watched a few years ago:


One thought on “Magicians do exist

  1. dpredie

    agak nyesel ga ntn di pesawat. pas udah ngantuk.

    1. it is actually combined. there’s 3D model behind the 2D drawings here. look closer at the building and cars. there’s depth

    4. sempet kaget pas liat di TV acara kuis yg tebak orang itu apa (contoh: pernah tinggal di jepang, lebih tua dari 30 thn, researcher, nurse, magician, etc). dan yg magician itu Lance Burton, dulu super imba dan terkenal di vegas. sekarang malah jadi bahan harus ditebak kalo dia itu pesulap.


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