Scraps and scribbles 12

1. I’m proposing a new model to explain post-wisdom tooth removal nagging pain: the tectonic plate is experiencing a seismic shift.

2. My small group is like the Gospels: three Synoptics and the Gospel of John, if you know what I mean.

3. Writing in point forms must be the sign of the times. It is a sacrament of our unsystematic post-modern mind. (I swear to God that I have thought about this before I read Kim’s latest doodlings.)

4. Why do I feel threatened when I see Filipinos? I must have construed myself as a local then.

5. I think I have said it before, but I am going to say it again. Prosperity theology fits like a glove in Singapore. In a consumerist society, people will look for the most guaranteed way to secure happiness. And if you said that you could offer a god who will grant you precisely whatever you want, I guess people will follow you. “Are the gods only reflected images and guarantees of the needs and capacities of man?” (I/2, 309)

6. It doesn’t really matter as well if you don’t become rich immediately (it will not disprove your god right away), since we have understand that the premise is predicated by work, work, and more work.

7. Why do people work for weekends? Isn’t it like working for the sake of retirement? It’s the same ol’ cycle of sacrifice and appeasement of the gods, IMHO. You sacrifice yourself on weekdays so that you could appease yourself on weekends.


a. Hauerwas: “For the early Christians, suffering and evil . . . did not have to be explained.”

b. Milbank: In defence of apologetics.


5 thoughts on “Scraps and scribbles 12

    1. septian Post author

      lol seriously, I think you must have noticed as well the recent surge of blue-collar and white-collar Filipino workers coming to Singapore. They are ubiquitous! Now I know how the Singaporeans feel when they see foreigners.


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