Wisdom Tooth Saga Part Deux

1. Wisdom tooth removal can be used as a means to experience Lent genuinely. It fits all the billings. You suffer. You fast. You give something up.

2. It is not supposed to be a long-term solution for overweight problem, though, if you know what I mean.

3. I hate blood clotting.

4. Having surgery on both sides of your mouth does not help, as incisors and canines are not meant for chewing.

5. I will definitely buy Mr. Bean’s House for Sale memorabilia as a token of gratitude and remembrance for saving my life during this difficult time.

6. Today I received a call from the dental centre: “Hello. How are you?” I am touched.

7. And then the nurse asked, “Have you brushed your teeth?” “Nope.” “You should!” “Oops.” I brush, and I am fine.


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