The problem of evil that is the dentists

1. Humans grow with experience and the only surgery that I have ever undergone before is my circumcision. (Yes, I am a Jew! Sort of.) The way I convinced myself that everything was going to be okay was by remembering how the circumcision went. Local anesthesia, the surgery itself, stitching, recovery. Repeat one hundred times. Well, I think it works pretty well, except that the anesthesia part hurts like hell for the wisdom tooth case. I understand why the syringe is so long (to fulfill the required pressure to inject the amount of anesthesia needed, which is, well, a lot), but damn it is still scary when you think about it.

2. Before I tell you about my wisdom tooth removal, I will recount the strange tale of my circumcision. I think I was in the sixth or seventh grade. It was pretty fun, actually, because you can see the whole process when they cut the foreskin. Nevertheless, it did not end well as I accidentally smacked it against my drawer in my room and it was subsequently inflamed. I was really scared thinking of the prospect of castration. Thankfully it recovered. But you could say that I am pretty traumatic of having this kind of post-surgery complication again.

3. Because of the circumcision, I think I prize the ability to see through the whole process. And that’s why wisdom tooth removal sucks. You need to be blindfolded so that your eyes are not exposed to the light which the dentist needs. At first it was quite fun, as you learn how it works, which revolves around repetitions of “Drill, baby, drill!” and pulling the tooth up. But after a while I became bored in listening the Dzzzziing sound. So I try my best to sleep, which of course failed as the Dzzzziing sound is annoying enough.

4. Because it was so numb I could not even feel that the first tooth had been extracted. Thus I strive to experience it for the second one. And I did. Well, actually I did not. It simply means that the effect of the anesthesia has started to wane.

5. God said, “Let there be teeth!” and the teeth are strong, indeed.

6. Then the stitching came. I just knew that it is different from circumcision. If I remembered correctly, I pulled the stitches by myself at that time. But now I need to return to the dental centre next week. Meanwhile, in painkiller I trust!

7. They gave me the removed teeth! I will definitely reconstruct and immortalize them.

8. Herry said that I would not look differently even after the swelling as I was fat enough to hide the post-surgery effect. His words, I would say, are prophetic.

9. Lord, I pray to you that you grant my children to evolve such that their wisdom teeth (and appendix!) don’t grow anymore.

10. My bottom jaw still numbs. I can’t talk. I can’t swallow properly. I can’t spit. I bleed. Inability to experience pain is painful.

11. Angry Birds world 14 just came out. Surely it is not coincidental, right? Thanks be to God.


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