Across the sea and around the world 19

1. Kim Fabricius is a genius.

Right-wing Christians are fond of quoting Matthew 26:11a: “you will always have the poor with you.” Thus they turn prophecy into principle – and confirm the truth of Matthew 26:11b: “but you will not always have me.”

(Anybody care to enlighten me of what he means by the Pope joke?! OK I get it.)

2. Happy 90th Birthday, Uncle John! Long live Stottism!

3. Jamie Smith’s recent series on writing as a craft is well-written. “In sum, you’ll know you’ve become a writer when you consider the sheer play of language to be a country to which you’d gladly emigrate.”

4. In his post, Smith mentioned the 10000-hour rule of Malcolm Gladwell. Interestingly, somehow I come across this idea several times today. I guess the Chairman upstairs must have wanted to say something to me. So, assuming that you work for 8 hours/day, you will master your work in 1250 days. Accounting for Sabbaths, vacations, illnesses, etc., you can round it up to 4 years of training. And that’s when you are supposed to submit your PhD thesis! Now that makes a lot of sense.

5. From the one who might have cared more about God’s freedom than God himself: “The proclamation of the Church must make allowance for this freedom of grace. Apokatastasis panton? No, for a grace which automatically [and?] would ultimately have to embrace each and every one would certainly not be free grace. It surely would not be God’s grace. But would it be God’s free grace if we could absolutely deny that it could do that? Has Christ been sacrified only for our sins? Has he not. . . been sacrificed for the whole world? . . . [Thus] the freedom of grace is preserved on both these sides.” (Barth, God Here and Now, pp. 41-42) Thus he denied both approval and denial of universalism.

6. For board games lovers: Why German games are better. (I seriously can’t understand why people like to play board games so much. I just cant “get it.” More enlightenment needed.)

7. Happy St. Patrick’s Day! The St. Patrick’s world is the easiest among the worlds in Angry Birds Seasons, IMHO.

8. One more week to go to Angry Birds Rio! Addiction is hellish.


2 thoughts on “Across the sea and around the world 19

  1. dpredie

    4. when all is naught, love is.

    5. omgggggg board games FTW! german card game – citadel is nice right??

    6. no world is not devoured easily by you.


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