A gentle reminder

Although Japan rightly occupies the headlines and our hearts, let us not forget that the turmoils in Bahrain and Libya are still on. In fact, they are getting worse. Keep tuning to NHK and Al Jazeera!

By the way, the nuclear radiation hoax is ridiculous. People really need to learn the basic characteristics and limitations of nuclear plant in the case of meltdowns. (Or, if you think that the government holds the burden of proof for everything that happens in your life, then you should ask them to raise the degree of awareness of its people regarding the subject matter.) Those whom we need to be concerned with are not us who lives thousands of miles away but the Japanese who are staying near the plant.

(I know I might sound condescending here, but I guess I am simply gobsmacked by the level of ignorance displayed. The enlightened man gets upset easily.)

It does make me reflect again about my job, which requires me to be exposed to (or, at least, in proximity with) a radiation source in the form of CT or PET (a nuclear medicine imaging technique!) machine more often than common people. But I guess it will be a pointless undertaking eventually, as that even if it has any kind of effect, it will only be known tens of years from now. And that you can’t really be sure about the decisive cause, since other multiple factors (e.g., exorbitant consumption of Indomie) will definitely play into the consideration as well.


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