Political science

It has been three months since my last experiment and I am bored already. I am supposed to scan mice next week but apparently it has been stalled for an indeterminate time. You see, what we usually call as “politics” practically happens everywhere, and scientific world is not immune to it. For those who are still living in your idyllic world, I guess I’m going to disappoint you. Science is not neutral and full of power play. It is a good thing, actually, since it can be an expression of your passion in the field. Scientific endeavor is not a detached enterprise. It demands all your heart and all your soul. So, of course people fight in the things that they think really matter for them.

Anyway, for me it means that I could spend more time writing my papers. But I seriously need some experiments to dust off my rusty brain. Or that it simply means I miss killing mice.


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