Our daily bread

When Jesus taught us to pray, “Give us today our daily bread”, he might have deliberately echoed the tradition of YHWH giving manna daily to the Israelites. The point of the story is you need to rely daily in God, as the manna drops every day and you can only take enough food for the day. And you can’t really be sure that it will drop again tomorrow. Honestly, it is quite hard for me to imagine how to live with such condition (and attitude). It’s like the daily laborers in the parable of vineyard workers (Mat 20.1-16). They will go to the market in the morning and hope that somebody will hire him for the day. That’s the only way he could feed his family. If nobody hire him, it could mean that they won’t have anything to eat tomorrow. In fact, there are many daily laborers in our world today, such as the Mexicans who are willing to pick up fruits in American farms. They live, literally, on a day-to-day basis. And I don’t think it will come easy for me. Well, I guess that’s why it comes in a form of prayer, such that it will never be in our grasp. We must learn to pray it. Daily reliance on God comes as a discipline. So, Lord, teach us to pray.


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