Book Notice: Work

Ben Witherington III
Work: A Kingdom Perspective on Labor
166pp. + xviii, $18 (Paperback)
Grand Rapids, MI: Eerdmans, 2011.

I’ve been anticipating for this book since last year as I want to use this book for our small group meetings. Ben Witherington III is a reliable New Testament scholar and this book could perhaps serve as an example of how good biblical exegesis could inform practical theology, particularly about thing that we do for hours everyday — until we die (and after we are risen, I suppose), as Ben would argue that the notion of retirement is, gasp, unbiblical.

Preface: Caution — Work in Progress

1. An Opus That Is Magnum: On the Goodness of Work

2. A Theology of Work as Vocation

3. Slackers and Sloths of the World, Unite!

4. Call Forwarding and Vocation’s Variation

5. Work as Ministry, Ministry as Work

6. Seeing the World from the Croucha Position: Work as Culture Making

7. New Balance: The Relationship of Work to Faith, Rest, and Play

8. Overtime: Take This Job and . . .


aCrouch, Andy. Culture Making: Recovering Our Creative Calling. Downers Grove, IL: InterVarsity Press, 2008.

(The book arrives so fast! It was only dispatched four days ago from UK. Not too long ago, on Chinese New Year season, Singpost was so slow. Business as usual now, I guess!)


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