Across the sea and around the world 17

1. An excerpt of Karl Giberson’s and Francis Collins’ new book, The Language of Science and Faith.

2. The University of Sheffield is opening a distance learning MA in Biblical Studies! Now that might be another option to consider about in the future.

Modules taught:

  • The Bible and Historical Imagination
  • The Bible and Postcolonial Studies
  • The Bible and the Arts
  • Religion and Violence: The Monotheistic Faiths in Ancient & Modern Perspectives

The tuition fee is killing me, though.

Speaking of courses, I am glad that the Circle Line will be fully opened in the 4th quarter of 2011, as it will reduce the time to reach BGST (Marymount!) significantly.

3. An interview with Ko Tjeli in the Christian Post! (HT: Peter)

4. Richard Hays delivered the 2011 Winter Pastors’ School lectures at Truett Seminary on 10 to 12 Feb 2011:

  • Can the Gospels Teach Us How to Read the Old Testament? (video)
  • Torah Reconfigured: Reading Scripture with Matthew (video)
  • Turning the World Upside Down: Reading Scripture with Luke (video)
  • The Temple of His Body: Reading Scripture with John (video)
  • Opening Our Minds to Understand the Scripture (video)

The lectures should be a preview of Hays’ current writing project which compares how the Gospel writers use the Hebrew Scriptures!

5. A day with Jimmy Dunn and Tom Wright in New College, Edinburgh:

6. Princeton Theological Seminary will host “Creation, Conflict, and Cosmos”, a conference on Romans 5-8. The list of speakers is impressive!

7. A blog by James Smith, philosophy prof at Calvin College, which documents his semester-long seminar on A Secular Age by Charles Taylor.

7. Uncontacted Amazon Tribe: First Aerial Footage.


2 thoughts on “Across the sea and around the world 17

  1. -m-

    [2] actually it only takes you 50 minutes to reach BGST from home. take MRT to clementi (10 minutes) and switch to bus 52 (30 minutes). 10 minutes waiting buffer


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