Scraps and scribbles 09

1. I do think the concept of “an unsettling God” (Brueggemann) could describe adequately the meta-narrative of my theological approach. I like to unsettle people and it is perhaps a reflection of the god whom I believe in. (Or that it is simply a projection of my belief.) Deconstructionist to the core, indeed. “I am the voice of one calling in the wilderness!”

2. Now I understand why every time I open a file from my boss the zoom level is always 132%. He opens it in Mac. And the window size in Mac is small.

3. Borders has filed for bankruptcy and it is having a massive clearance sale (whatever it means).

4. The United States must be wondering why they keep trying to change (the opposing) regimes in the Middle East by military forces while now the people themselves succeed in doing so without violence. Just war, anyone?

5. It just occurs to me that I am actually living in an oppressive regime politically and I wonder why Singapore seems to be unaffected by the uprisings in the Middle East. Singapore is as serene and harmonious as ever. Although I guess if you are (highly and wildly) provocative enough you could link recent political turmoils with the 2011 Singapore budget which contains lots of goodies for Singaporeans (and, to lesser extents, residents and foreign workers). The government, of course, based it on the record economic growth in 2010. The skeptics, on the other hand, will say that it is basically money politics to buy people votes for the upcoming general election.

6. Nevertheless, I will be a hypocrite if I don’t admit that I happily receive benefits from the budget. A personal income tax rebate of 20%, PUB rebates of $270 (which will be shared with my house mates), an increase of employer CPF contribution rate of 1% (a scheduled increase of 0.5% in Mar 1st and an additional increase of 0.5% of 2011 Budget in Sep 1st), and, finally, a reduction of personal income tax rates starting from 2012. It should give me an additional money (in forms of cash and CPF) of $700 this year, more or less.

Seriously, I thought Singapore income tax is already among the lowest in the world, and now they are cutting even more taxes! To be fair, the structure is more progressive now, as it benefits those who are in the lower structure more. But the liberal in me still thinks that 20% tax rate for the richest is too low. Whatever. Anyway, don’t forget to declare your income tax starting from Mar 1st!

7. Jesus, Paul, and the People of God has been released! (Preview at Google Books)


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