Godforsaken God

To be Christological in our approach to theology does not solve the problem. It is necessary but not sufficient. It is only the beginning and must be explicated. The next question would be what kind of Christological moves that we made for our theologizing effort. What is Barth’s? Well, Barth’s Christology revolved around Jesus’ cry of dereliction in the cross: “My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?” This is the moment when God fully reveals himself, and, truly hides himself.

(Off topic: I think it would be easy to co-opt Barth for our purpose. Barth wrote extensively and comprehensively. Moreover, he also thinks things through dialectically. He would approach an argument from all angles, and thus we could pick up only one angle and claim that Barth said so and so although in truth Barth must have said a few things which might be in tension with our claim.)


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