On writing (a lot)

I don’t know why I write so much. I guess it is the case partly because I am a rather shy person in social settings, especially in those situations where I hardly know anyone. Thus I feel more comfortable to express myself through writing as it is more mono-directional and I can say practically whatever I want to say.

I also don’t like to ask or have a dispute with other people, as I want to avoid conflict as much as possible. I am an escapist by nature. Hence, I would never, ever ask a question whenever I disagree with a speaker. You know, like Mary, who likes to “treasure all these things in her heart.” (Luk 2.51) I’ll keep it to myself first before I respond to him or her in writing.

Thus, you could say that my writings are reactionary and driven by occasions. I don’t know whether it is supposed to be that way, though, since I also think there must be some constructive motive behind the task of writing. But I guess they will still be in a dialectic between each other.

Not to mention that I have an obsessive-compulsive disorder. As much as I want to keep things to myself, I won’t be able to take it after some time. I need to vent them out, and hence the writings.

But, in the end, writing breeds writing. It is a form of discipline, indeed. The more you do it, it becomes a habit and somehow, after a while, you just can’t live without it.

(More reasons: vain glory of blog visits, blog comments, etc. But they are so obvious such that I don’t need to state them explicitly upfront.)


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