The ball is round 02

1. Consider all things equal, championship is decided by a sprinkle of brilliance and Rooney’s goal might be such an example. At least, it kills City’s hope for the title. Now, it becomes a two-horse race, or, I should say, a horse and a donkey race.

2. The donkey will face Barca tomorrow in the Champions league. This is the battle between Barca and flawed Barca. Please have mercy on us. The donkey might exploit the absence of Puyol, though, as Gijon did last week. And, please, don’t play Nasri yet as it is much more important to have him healthy for the rest of the season. More importantly, Van Persie’s time of return to form could not be any better.

(At least, we have one player who is convinced that we can beat Barca. Well, Bendtner even thinks that he is one of the top strikers in the world.)

3. Barca players are really annoying, by the way. It seems to me that they deliberately take turn every week to comment about Cesc. Not that he won’t be going to Barca after this season anyway. But, could you please at least make this process graceful?

(In my imagination, they play pokers every Thursday and whoever loses will be the one to comment about Cesc. Next season’s Arsenal midfield: Song, Frimpong, and Wilshere!)


13 thoughts on “The ball is round 02

    1. septian Post author

      Anyway, I think Nasri will start tonight.






        1. septian Post author

          It will be a miracle! Haha. Arsenal was outclassed by Barca yesterday. Messi should have scored twice.

          A good article on La Masia, Barca’s youth academy:

          They only practice for two hours every day!

          And another article on Fabregas and Barca:

          “In 2001, when Fabregas was going through the pain of his parents’ divorce, Borrell persuaded Guardiola to sign his famous number four shirt for the young protege. On it, he wrote “One day, you will be the number four of Barcelona.””

          And Fabregas wears number four now..

          (Replacing Vieira’s, of course.)

      1. -m-

        he’s a good self-motivator, not team motivator..
        i have heard him saying he’s the best striker in the world
        but i have not heard him saying that arsenal is the best team..


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