Blogging and friendship

Hauerwas noted how his life is made possible through friends. There is a sense of mystery and gift that comes with friendship, from which the proper response is gratitude. Marital relationship, indeed, does not diminish this sense of mystery but actually accentuates and crystallizes it. There is a sense of wonder which you can never overcome when you are faced with your loved one.

This blog, too, is made possible through friends. Although I am clearly much more antisocial than Hauerwas, I do believe that this blog is sustained by friends. And I do think of them whenever I write a post. I never write in abstract. I always write with specific friends in mind. Thus, you could always try to guess whom I are writing to when you read a post. Now, sometimes I write with bearing in mind that there is a friend who will read my posts when we are all asleep in this little red dot, and hope that these posts could somehow alleviate his suffering, if only by a little bit.

(By the way, I have finished re-reading Hauerwas’ memoir. It means we will be returning to Barth shortly! For a start, how about this quote: “Revelation is not a predicate of history, but history is a predicate of revelation.” (I/2, 58). Business as usual!)


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