Scraps and scribbles 08

1. Anyone willing to share Office for Mac? It’s $228 for 3 licenses and I need one more person to share. I never realize that I can’t live without Microsoft Office.

2. Size matters. CD I/2 is much bulkier than I/1 and it affects my reading pace. I can’t bring it to school now as it is too heavy to bear — literally and content-wise.

(I can hear some shout “lame excuse”!)

3. Well, the real reason is Angry Birds World 13 and Valentine updates! And I think I will be purchasing Angry Birds Rio on March. Boys will remain boys, I guess.

Update: Cut the Rope has come with its own Valentine updates too! Nom nom.

4. I’ve postponed my wisdom teeth surgery to the 18th of March. It is supposed to be today, and this morning I felt some pain on my left jaw. Very creepy.

5. The deadline has been set. Fourteen months to complete and submit my thesis! Final spurt!


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