One-liners Hauerwas 02

On following Jesus: “[F]ollowing Jesus means you cannot anticipate or ensure results. Learning to live out of control, learning to live without trying to force contingency into conformity because of our desperate need for secutiry, I take to be a resource for discovering alternatives that would otherwise not be present.” (137)

On Eucharist: Hauerwas recalled how he learnt that there are actually “essential connections between our Eucharistic practice and our commitment not only to feed but to eat with the poor.” (141) Moreover, when his church wanted to decide on whether they should celebrate Eucharist weekly, he recalled how his pastor said that they were not going to vote for it, as “the Eucharist is about the unity of the church. If a majority vote determined the matter, then that unity would be betrayed.” (141)

On Yoder: “He [Yoder] said that, as far as he knew, after thirty years of representing Christian nonviolence he had convinced only one person. I think he was referring to me, and I could tell he felt some ambiguity about that achievement.” (146-147)

At one point, Hauerwas considered to become a Catholic (and this is where I can really identify with him): “It is true that I had thought about Mary and had come to believe that she was the Mother of God. I had thought about the pope and could acknowledge that the bishop of Rome was the office of unity. I had thought about contraception, and I was pretty sure the Catholics were wrong about that one. But I still felt that I had much to learn.” (138-139) In the end, though, he didn’t become one. I had thought about Mary and the pope, and I do think I can acknowledge both of them.


3 thoughts on “One-liners Hauerwas 02

    1. septian Post author

      haha true. flirting2 doang tanpa komitmen gw hahaha.

      By the way, a totally unrelated comment:

      Some people think that the crisis in Egypt now is similar to the one in Indonesia thirteen years ago. I just realize that the crisis in Indonesia erupted when Soeharto, well, was in Egypt at that time.


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