The ball is round 01

As much as I admire Tom Wright, I don’t like the fact that his Newcastle United costed Arsenal five points this season. I do admit that Arsenal played their own part for the latter game which ended with a 4-4 draw, as they were astoundingly pegged back by Newcastle from leading 4-0. Not to mention that Newcastle was playing without their top two strikers, Carroll (now at Liverpool) and Ameobi. What a mess. Arsenal’s fall from grace in the 2007/08 season came when Eduardo broke his foot on the game against Birmingham City. Psychologically, this Newcastle game could cost them the same way this year.

On the other hand, Manchester United was a mere one game away from making a new club record for number of games unbeaten, but somehow they managed to lose to Wolverhampton, which was at the bottom of the table at the time of playing.

(Although you could feel that an away loss is imminent for United, whose away form has been poor this season. It also means that “The Invicibles” are safe for another season.)

I don’t know which one is more tragic. This is the season where no side is really worthy to become champion, I guess. Chelsea ran out of steam, United can’t win at away games, City can win only against weaker teams, and Arsenal is still inconsistent.

(Looking it positively, Arsenal managed to reduce the gap to four points. And next week United is playing City, while Arsenal will be hosting — well, Wolverhampton. As City will definitely play for a 0-0 draw, here’s hoping that the gap will be reduced to two points by next week. And I guess we can safely say that Chelsea is out of contention for the title. Although, on the other hand, I hope they will still play to their fullest when they face United, which they will still do — twice. I would also suggest that Arsenal withdraws from the Champions League as there is virtually no hope of getting past Barcelona who wins 3-0 and 4-0 on a weekly basis.)


2 thoughts on “The ball is round 01

  1. pedro

    So Sept, perhaps you should thank Carroll or Liverpool, it would have been 5, 6, 7 to Newcastle. But then, shouldn’t we congratulate the teams for their wins (draws) when their supposedly bests are gone?

    I know it must be hard for Arsenal, as Wenger said, it was most costly than losing two points.

    But rejoice for the first should be last, and last should be first. That’s a cause enough for celebration.


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