Book Notice: Teologi Perjanjian Lama 2

Christoph Barth and Marie-Claire Barth-Frommel
Teologi Perjanjian Lama 2 (revised ed.)
465pp. + viii, Rp. 75.000
Jakarta: BPK Gunung Mulia, 2010.

Preview at Google Books

This book is one of the rare cases where the original version is written in Indonesian before it is translated to English. As what the profile in the back cover reads, Christoph Barth was the son of Karl Barth (that’s what would happen if you had a famous dad, such that people will identify you as your father’s son first and not as yourself), and he taught for many years in STT-GKE (Sekolah Tinggi Teologi-Gereja Kristen Evangelis) Banjarmasin (1947-52) and STT Jakarta (1953-1965) before he went to Germany and taught at Mainz (1967-79).

He never actually completed his Old Testament theology (seriously, he is also like his father in this case), and his wife, Marie-Claire, who was a missionary in Indonesia and met Christoph in Jakarta, proceeded with the completion of the project after her husband’s death. The series of four-volume in Indonesian was translated into a single volume in English, and the translation project was overseen by Geoffrey W. Bromiley, who was the translator and editor of his father’s Church Dogmatics. The English version is titled as God with Us: A Theological Introduction to the Old Testament. You can preview the book here.

This Old Testament theology book, by the way, is the revised edition of the original book and it combined the second, third, and fourth volume of the original series into one volume. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find the first volume.

Finally, Christoph used small prints too for his detailed discussion! Truly, like father like son!


Christoph’s brother, Markus, is a New Testament professor and, similarly, in his commentary on the Colossians (unfinished as well!), his profile reads as follow: “Markus Barth (who died 1 July 1994) held a chair in New Testament studies at the University of Basel in Switzerland. He was the son of the great theologian Karl Barth.” You will be forever linked with your father, I guess. And, to write until the end of your life must be the trait of the Barths. Anyway, it is rare to see a family of theologians. It is partly due to the celibacy requirement for priests serving in the Western church.  Not to mention that infant mortality was pretty high until the 20th century (see: Luther and Calvin). Off the top of my head, I could only name the family of Basil the Elder (Basil the Great, Gregory of Nyssa, Macrina the Younger, Peter of Sebaste, Naucratius), the Wesleys (Charles, John, and Samuel), the Barths (Karl, Markus, and Christoph), and, in our age, the Torrances (Thomas, James, David, Alan, and Iain).

Table of contents (chapters 1-5 are in the first volume):

Bab 6: Allah Memberikan Israel Tanah Kanaan
Bab 7: Allah Mengangkat Raja-raja di Israel
Bab 8: Allah Memilih Sion/Yerusalem
Bab 9: Allah Mengutus Nabi-nabi

Chapter VI: God Granted Israel the Land of Canaan
Chapter VII: God Raised Up Kings in Israel
Chapter VIII: God Chose Jerusalem
Chapter IX:  God Sent His Prophets


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