It is not easy

Reading and watching Indonesian political news can be, indeed, a depressing experience (especially our members of parliament). Of course, every five years political parties would claim to be the saviour of the nation. Thus the cycle of depression and (failed) promises continues to no end. It is not easy to keep oneself from falling into despair, cynicism, and hopelessness. It is not easy to insist that the current condition is not irreparable. It is not easy to convince oneself that it will be worth serving in Indonesia no matter what the outcome will be. This love-hate relationship is toxic.


2 thoughts on “It is not easy

    1. septian Post author

      lebih mudah unta masuk lubang jarum daripada orang kaya masuk kerajaan surga, dan lebih mudah orang kaya masuk kerajaan surga daripada menemukan politisi bersih di indonesia? :p


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