Another monkey off my back

I submitted my (three-year!) progress report just before (well, actually, two days after) I went home for Christmas break. Similarly, yesterday I completed my qualifying exam and tomorrow I will be going back for Chinese New Year break. Talk about escaping by the skin of my teeth. Or that I am born as a deadliner.

(Coincidentally (thankfully? unfortunately?), my abstracts for the upcoming conference in May were rejected after I did my exam, where their statuses were still “Submitted” at that time. Now I need to find other conference to submit these abstracts.)

Anyway, same, old stories: to dos!

1. To prepare some talks (major headache).

2. To write a few pieces of church bulletin weekly devotionals.

3. To write a book review and an article for other periodicals.

4. To contemplate about the impending doom which is my wisdom teeth surgery.

Otherwise, enjoy the festive season! Happy New Year!

(PS: Be strong for those who remain in this deserted land during Chinese New Year, especially for those who stay on campus. Hard times, indeed.)


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