Blogkeeping notes

1. I guess I have found the background of recent surge of spams on my blog. All of them are on the same post, Epiphania, and on that post I quoted Tertullian: sem-n est sanguis christianorum. The problematic word, of course, is the censored word.

(Now you know how to increase your blog traffic. Or not. Since the spams actually did not increase it.)

2. I noted how Barth and O’Donovan used small prints to denote the section which is not necessarily essential to the overall argument, but which would be beneficial for the readers to read as usually it is there where they would argue their hypotheses in more details. I’ve been applying the same technique using paragraphs with parentheses, although the reason is not that you would find more elaborate discussion over there, but that usually my mind is scattered and thus even when I am writing about A, I could think about B and C as well. The problem is I don’t want to lose B and C, although the overall argument is still about A. Hence the parenthetical paragraph.

(Not to mention that when I am thinking about B and C, I could have started thinking about D and E! My mind is like the Israelites who wandered around in the desert for 40 years. It needs some divine interruption to stop the bleeding.)

3. I’ve broken the record of most posts in a month in this blog, by the way. I guess this is what would happen when you are occupied solely and monastically with your presentation. As Julia Roberts would say: read, study, blog.

4. An ode to fellow laborers in the Capital:

Bangun pagi ‘ku terus mandi
tidak lupa menggosok gigi
habis mandi ‘ku kerja lagi
sampai tua dan terus mati

At least it rhymes. :-)


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