A few days ago I spoke with Herry about the difference of attending (natural) sciences conference and humanities conference. I recalled how I could fairly understand whatever the speakers were speaking in the Christianity in Contemporary China conference, although I was not in the field.

(Of course, I am familiar with the “Christianity” part, which, admittedly, helps a lot, but they are applying sociological and/or anthropological tools for their studies, of which I am not familiar with. By the way, the patron saint of the conference is Max Weber, and I keep identifying this Weber with the one who draws the Weber’s line. This will suffice to show my ignorance of the field. Nevertheless, I am still naïve enough to believe that a sociologist could be a biologist at the same time. Polymath still exists.)

On the other hand, although I am working in the field of MRI, sometimes I am still blurred like sotong when I attend a talk related to MR. Well, I guess it really proves that the superiority of natural sciences over social sciences! The caste system in Indonesian high school is true! What else could it be? Lack of sample size? By no means! Q.E.D.!

(On the other hand, it also proves that I am getting more stupid! I not stupid!)


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