Across the sea and around the world 12

1. Speaking of labeling and, perhaps, its another near cousin, typology, Bruce McCormack (Princeton) is delivering the 2011 Croall Lectures in Edinburgh and he is proposing a new typology of the doctrine of atonement. A well-known typology of the atonement is Gustav Aulen’s: (1) satisfaction theory (which includes penal substitution), (2) Christus Victor, and (3) moral influence. Joas Adiprasetya used this typology in his book Berdamai dengan Salib. McCormack’s typology is: (1) theories which order the work of Christ to the person of Christ, (2) theories which separate the person and the work of Christ, and (3) theories which order the person of Christ to the work of Christ. A litmus test of typology is, I guess, how well it would illuminate the theories in its light. The best thing is the lectures will be published as a volume!

2. Yet another typology: Mapping views of justification in Paul (“traditional” Protestant vs. Wright vs. Gorman vs. Campbell).

3. For those who are in Medan, Jakarta, or Surabaya, you could consider attending this public lecture by Daniel Wallace on the reliability of the manuscripts of the New Testament: Sola Scriptura 2011.

4. This is good. A miniseries on “The Humanness of Calvin.”

5. More on Calvin: A seminar by Stephen Chan (Seattle U) on “John Calvin: New Research into His Life and Thought.” (HT: Joshua Woo)


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