After CD I/1

I just finished CD I/1! It took me one month to finish the volume, and hence, assuming constant reading rate for the rest of the series, I will finish them in one-and-a-half year! Or not, since I think I really need to read something else aside from Barth. The problem is somehow I couldn’t do parallel reading as I am used to do, as I think I need to sustain more effort for this project. Well, I guess now would be a good time to start reading something else and get the momentum going — and then I would insert CD I/2 to my reading regimen. It would be better to mix the type of reading as well. Hence, back to biblical studies: James Dunn’s Jesus, Paul, and the Law (WJK, 1990)!

Anyway, this book is a collection of studies in Mark and Galatians by Dunn in the 1980s. And the essays have been ordered in their sequence from Mark to Galatians. Of course, this is not according to the chronological order in which they were written. Thus, the readers have (at least) two options here, i.e., whether to follow the order as in the book or the chronological order, as the latter would inform us how Dunn developed his thought regarding the subject matter. This is a perhaps analogous to the problem which we encounter when we want to read Narnia. And I think I would opt for the latter. So, here you go:

1979: Ch. 6 – ‘The Incident at Antioch (Gal 2.11-18)’

1981: Ch. 5 – ‘The Relationship between Paul and Jerusalem according to Galatians 1 and 2’

1982: Ch. 7 – ‘The New Perspective on Paul(Dunn’s seminal lecture on NPP was almost thirty years old now.)

1984: Ch. 8 – ‘Works of the Law and the Curse of the Law (Gal 3.10-14)’

1984: Ch. 4 – ”A Light to the Gentiles’, or ‘The End of the Law’? The Significance of the Damascus Road Christophany for Paul’ (This essay appeared in published form in 1987.)

1984: Ch. 1 – ‘Mark 2.1-3.6: A Bridge between Jesus and Paul on the Question of the Law’

1985: Ch. 2 – ‘Jesus and Ritual Purity: A Study of the Tradition-History of Mark 7.15’

1988: Ch. 3 – ‘Pharisees, Sinners, and Jesus’

1988: Ch. 9 – ‘The Theology of Galatians’


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