The Psalms and the Wisdom books

In retrospect, after relentless efforts of historical studies and criticisms, I think it still fits to say that the Psalms are in accord with David while the triad of Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, and Song of Songs are in accord with Solomon. You can feel that the “mood” is different. The mood in Psalms is more, how shall I call it, “desperate”, as they tell petitions of a king who was in the run. On the other hand, the triad is more “calm”, as they tell reflections of a king who enjoyed relative peace in his land and thus had a luxury to observe everyday things in life: the prospect, vanity, and enjoyment of a well-lived life — where the author finally moved from an omniscient observer-narrator point of view to a participant himself in the story. (Naturally, this assessment was influenced by other assumptions such as basic trust on the narratives given in the book of Samuel and Kings.)


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