Barthian bits and pieces 02

1. More thoughts on analogy of being and analogy of faith: The distinction between “God is” and “God speaks” is perhaps reflected as well in the praxis of the Roman Catholics and the Protestants. Assuming Barth’s twofold form of church proclamation: preaching and sacraments, the Roman Catholics emphasize sacraments (being/”God is”), sometimes at the expense of preaching, while on the other hand the Protestants emphasize preaching (“God speaks”), sometimes at the expense of sacraments. Catholics celebrate Mass daily, while sermon is an essential ingredient of any Protestant gathering (you know the verse: wherever two or three gather together, the Word is). Gospel rally, anyone? (I’m not saying that all of us should cross the Thames and become Anglicans now, although if you do you will receive my full blessings. :-))

2. I guess what is interesting from Barth’s Church Dogmatics is that it often reads like a sermon. It is not merely descriptive but proclamative. Thus, his dogmatics is true to its subject matter and purpose, i.e., to serve church proclamation (especially as I am obsessed with the correspondence of form and content). In this respect, Barth is similar with Luther. When you read Luther, you feel as if you are listening to him speaking to you.


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