Some tips on buying books

Or, to be more accurate, how you could find good deals from The Book Depository.

1. I knew about The Book Depository from Peter. I have been using it to buy books online for almost two years and so far it has been fantastic. They claim that they give free worldwide delivery, although actually they have included the delivery cost into the price of the book automatically. Nevertheless (nevertheless!), the additional cost is very, very cheap if compared to other online bookstores like (I’m still praying in vain and hoping against hope for its arrival in Singapore). Hence it would be a very good alternative place to buy books online if you could not find the books that you want in mainstream or less-known book-stores in Singapore. The books would usually arrive in 10-14 days.

2. The Book Depository will give 25% off if you make a pre-order of not-yet-published books. Basically it’s to say that there is a “temporal” value of money. You pay cheaper, but you lose your money sooner than when you should be if you buy the book after it has been published. On the other hand, it received less money but can do whatever it will do to grow your money as fast and as large as it can. Win-win solution, I guess? This pre-order discount will be useful if, let say, you are an avid follower of a particular author or topic such that you know when the new books of this particular author or topic will be published. For example, I am doing it for books published by Tom Wright. And now I am still following the Old Testament for Everyone series by John Goldingay. I stalk these guys. Additionally, I would look as well at the catalogues by publishers like Eerdmans, InterVarsity Press, and T&T Clark. Usually they will put their catalogues online before some of the books in the catalogues are published. You could go to their website and look for the forthcoming titles too. Thus the pre-order and the 25% discount.

3. Speaking about discount, The Book Depository usually will give 10% discount twice a year: on their birthday (around July) and on Christmas. And it can be combined with the 25% pre-order discount (I just tried it last Christmas; I hope nothing would change). In combination, it would make a 32.5% discount.

4. Finally, note that The Book Depository is based in the United Kingdom. Thus, I’ve found that the price for the books published by the UK-based publishers is relatively cheaper. For example, since my reading interest is in religion, the price of T&T Clark and Inter-Varsity Press (note the hyphen and hence the difference from the previously mentioned publisher with an almost identical name) books is more often than not cheaper here than the one found on Hence, this website would be particularly useful if you want to buy books published by UK-based publishers.

That’s all, I guess. Have fun shopping! (I couldn’t believe I just said that)


2 thoughts on “Some tips on buying books

  1. pedro

    I don’t know whether to thank you or bang my head against the wall for mentioning my name in the second line of your free advertising campaign for Book Depository. And congratulations for being qualified as a shopaholic! (I just read posts from my shoe-buying friends justifying their craving for shoes, what’s the diff, eh?)

    Jokes aside, those’re very helpful hints for occasional book buyers!

    1. septian Post author

      hahaha it’s all your fault! indeed, there is no difference at all! but, in my defense, i’m just trying to become like the dishonest servant!


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