Across the sea and around the world 09

Eerdmans has a blog: Eerdword.

Richard Bauckham wrote a short lecture entitled Reconstructing the Pooh Community. It is, I guess, a satire on the recent sociological studies of the New Testament. The Gospels didn’t tell us about Jesus; it told us more about the communities behind them. By the way, for those who haven’t read it, here is a fun satire of source and composition criticism utilizing Winnie the Pooh: New Directions in Pooh Studies.

Some are reading through Church Dogmatics together! I don’t think I could follow their reading plan, though, since my reading pace is only about 10 pages/day — which will take me, accounting for lapses and backslidings, three years to complete.

By the way, what’s fun about Barth’s CD is in the small prints he quoted relevant discussions about the topic from the earlier fathers like Augustine, Anselm, Luther, Calvin, etc. This is really good, as then we can read the fathers by ourselves. The problem is, he quoted them in their original language. So, aside from Luther who largely wrote in German and hence whose words were translated to English, those words from Augustine remained obscure for me as they were written in Latin. I think that’s why the newer T&T Clark version translated all of these Hebrew, Greek, Latin, and French sentences to English so that it would be more readable for the laity.

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