Scraps and scribbles 07

1. I will be having my qualifying examination two days before I go back to Jakarta for the Lunar New Year.

2. The frequency of blog posts is inversely correlated with the frequency of spam comments. The more you write, the less the spam would be.

3. I start to believe that Indonesians are not anarchists; more appropriately, I guess, they are anti-archists. They simply refuse to be ruled.

4. The ubiquitous news coverage of the 2010 AFF Suzuki Cup shows that, prior to the immense euphoria due to the relative and perhaps temporary success of the Indonesian national team, our nation really lacks any kind of hope. There is a reason why ballads are so popular in Indonesia (and that, personally, I do enjoy them as well).

5. If there are no significant changes in the local government policy, Jakarta will be facing traffic armageddon in the near future.


2 thoughts on “Scraps and scribbles 07

  1. pedro

    1. What qualifying exam? To be qualified to carry on with your studies? To finish your studies?

    3. Would those who want/ desire/ like to be ruled be considered as imperialists then?

    5. Was watching some junk news, apparently Beijing is having some new policy to control its traffic. (Me: Whatever.) And London is introducing some bicycle-borrowing scheme. Either way, I think it’s too little, too late. I do believe that it would take armageddon for people to change their lifestyle. Jakarta not excluded.


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