A type 0.625 civilian

This is too self-resonant not to re-post (HT: Faith and Theology).

Meaning of life?
Collecting books? No, read them!
Reading them? No, think about!
Thinking about? No, do something for God and for your neighbour!

Karl Barth
Basle, 2.11.1954

Since I (really) like collecting books, quite often read them, occasionally think about them, and once in a pink moon do something for God and my neighbour, I guess I could say that I am still learning to live meaningfully. But at least I got the starting point correctly: collecting books!


5 thoughts on “A type 0.625 civilian

  1. pedro

    Another way of seeing it:

    He who has been accused of possessing too many books, makes excuses on why he needs so many books.

    By the way, I am talking about Barth, not you.

    I wonder why he has to be so “tentative” when he talks about meaning of life? (I could almost hear his Swiss ascent.)

    Btw, it doesn’t take collecting/ reading/ thinking about books in order that one can do something for God and neighbour.

    1. d

      i thought it was a self critique; so each of the thesis assertion of books on the left hand he negates it with the antithesis of “No!” on the right.


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