Ja oder Nein

Complete set of Church Dogmatics for US$100!

(with additional US$85 for shipping, by the way, but it is still insanely cheap)


6 thoughts on “Ja oder Nein

    1. septian Post author

      uhm, dari US$85 itu, US$35 basic shipping, additional US$50 nya untuk international shipping karena setnya berat abis.

      rate dari vpost: USA Shipping Charge = Base Charge (S$13.40) + Weight Charge (S$7.20/kg) + Fuel Surcharge (S$1.00/kg)

      dan set ini total beratnya 12.25kg, i.e., shipping charge dr vpost bakalan 13.4 + 12.25*(7.2+1) = S$113.85 = US$87.5.

      jd masi murahan lgsg dari christianbook.com nya hahaha.


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