At the same time

Our existence as Christians is intertwined with our fellow Christians in the rest of the world. In a highly connected world as ours today, I don’t think ignorance is an existential possibility any more. So we found it more common to hear news which might seem alien and unsettling to us. One such news arrived today. A friend informed me that the authorities in a certain country came to a small group leaders camp, cancelled the camp, and confiscated its properties. Such challenges are perhaps expected and constitutive of being church, although I certainly have lost any sense of fear of being Christian after granted almost limitless freedom to worship in this city-state. Indeed, my ongoing personal question is to answer what it means to be faithful in spaces and times of ‘peace.’ In this case, particularly, I found the time to be pretty ironic, since we are having our own small group leaders camp in Singapore at the same time, although rather blissfully.

Naturally, though, let us pray for these students and their leaders. As secularist as I think I might be, I do think I still believe in prayer. I really do.


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