A minion report 06

A minion was assigned to spy a new area for conquest. He scouted the city carefully and reported the result to his general. He recommended that perhaps we need more time to learn about this enemy before we proceed and commit assault. The general brushed aside his comment and said that the information was clear enough.

One day they met a general from their allies, and they communicated the result of the scout to him. And they found out that actually this general agreed with the minion, that the report was still inconclusive and they needed to gather more data. To his surprise, the minion’s general then said that he had thought of this as well. The minion had a mixed feeling after he left the meeting. On one hand, he was happy that his suggestion was vindicated, which could avoid potential unnecessary losses from an imprudent war. On the other hand, though, the credit didn’t belong to him. Never mind, the minion said. What’s more important is his motherland’s safety and not his personal gain, thus he tried to console himself to no end.


The minion spoke too soon. His general just sent a letter to thank him.


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