Writing in tremble and fear

If writing was a process of discovery, then the authors, editors, and copyists of the Scriptures didn’t simply witness of God when they authored, edited, and copied the Scriptures. In some sense, when they wrote it was the moment when they discovered and re-discovered God whom they tried to grasp sensibly. Writing Scriptures is theologizing. And thus we found creativity and ingenuity in the texts of the Scriptures that we received today. The authors were not God’s secretaries, mechanically inscribing whatever God dictated to them. The tale of Moses and the Sinaitic covenant is the exception and not the rule. Not to mention the editors, who struggled and juggled with what they received, thinking how they can stay faithful and yet are able to speak afresh and anew to contemporary situation. And, finally, the copyists, who meticulously wrote down the texts for us. They did modify the texts; a few words here, a few phrases there. It attested to the generosity of God who believed and put his trust in these people; to allow them to think of God for themselves. They were indeed the privileged among the people of God. Privileged, indeed, in tremble and fear. And yet in joy!

Write the words in your heart, then, for not even one iota will pass away before the world is flamed but not consumed by the love of God.


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