NC’10 memes

  • “Prosperity gospel insults God. God is more generous than [the god of] prosperity gospel.”
  • “Students are naïve and foolish. When you have graduated later… stay naïve and foolish.”
  • “Your cheque book is a theological statement.”
  • “How do you ask someone from your CF for a date without letting the whole CF know about it?”
  • “In marriage, man must have the last say. And the last say is ‘I am sorry.'”
  • “God doesn’t have grandchildren.” (i.e., the necessity of Christians witnessing to their children)

It is perhaps an oxymoron, but I feel refreshed and tired now.


6 thoughts on “NC’10 memes

  1. Ind

    2 of my favourites…

    God is an enviromentalist. He has to be! He created it..

    After my wife die, I’ll never marry again. It’s a lot of work.. (LOL!)

    1. septian Post author

      keknya yg kedua itu istrinya lai yong yg ngmg ya.

      “I don’t know whether it is a compliment or not, but my wife said that she’ll never marry again.. since, she continued, it’s a lot of work.” (free-style paraphrasing)

        1. Ryl

          But being repaired yet by another human :D
          Guess that the fellowship of human is indeed constructive (at least in memorizing things in this case)

          Haha, ternyata banyak ‘happening sayings’ disana. Glad glad

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