Scraps and scribbles 03

1. You can sense a cultic tendency when people starts to put their local church name for their religion column. It happens for emerging and fastly growing congregations, which, so the members think, can’t be put into traditional classification. So, when I say “cultic tendency”, it is not necessarily negative (although from the view of the establishment, it will be seen as a negative and perhaps sectarian development). It is crucial to consolidate their identity-forming process (as defined against the others to emphasize their uniqueness) and hence the naming practice.

For example, in a deliberately anachronistic manner, the first followers of Jesus would write “Judaism – Of the Nazarene” if they were asked to fill their religion column in Facebook. The temple priests would not like this.

2. My father postulated that the lunatic idea of new parliamentary building could only happen because SMI is no longer the Minister of Finance (since the proposal must go through the Ministry of Finance first). Anyway recent news of our parliament certainly cemented the stature of Gus Dur as a prophet.


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