On writing

1. Writing and plagiarism: I’m in the midst of writing a paper now and after I read a post in F&T, I guess now I appreciate more the depravity of plagiarism. If writing is an action of self-discovery, then you need to be able to put your own words about the topic. To simply quote previous works with justification that “well, I have understand it, anyway” is not going to convince others that you do have understand. Unless you are able to write with your own words, I guess it shows that you haven’t understand it after all. To put it in other words (pun intended), if writing is really a form of discovery, you can argue that copying is a form of stealing other people’s discovery and claiming it yours.

2. Writer’s block: Furthermore, since writing is an act of creation, and as “we know that the whole creation has been groaning as in the pains of childbirth until now” (Rm 8.22), perhaps we could appreciate better why writing for many is a tedious process. Writing is like bearing a child. It is painful (yet rewarding).

(The second point is basically a shameless justification of my slow, if not nihil, progress on my paper.)


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