I will raise up for them

Between the text and the reader, the moderns would insist on the sovereignty of the text, while the post-moderns would say that there are only readers and there is no such thing as the text; meaning is created and imposed by the reader. The truth, like everything else under the sun, is perhaps somewhere in between and a little bit both of them. Hence the endless interplay between the text and the reader. The reader will definitely bring his or her baggage into the text, yet the text will still resist complete emasculation from the reader. How, then, do we read the Old Testament as Christians, since we share the same set of books that Judaism regards as Scriptures as well?

For example, when YHWH said to Moses, “I will raise up for them a prophet like you from among their brothers” (Deu 18.18), can the phrase “raise up” be read retrospectively and Christotelically as pre-figuration of the raising of Jesus? Is such reading legit? If such reading only makes sense within the Christian community and not in others, will it render the reading void? What actually constitutes a true reading(s) of the text?


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