The Wright worshipper

Tom Wright will publish a new book! It is entitled Small Faith, Great God and it will be published by IVP this coming November.


“I was nervous about republishing these studies, which started out as sermons in and around Oxford. I was still in my early twenties when the first of them was preached – chapter five in this book, preached on Trinity Sunday 1972 in St. Ebbe’s Church – and the thought of revisiting after forty years the things I had been trying to say, and the way I had been trying to say them, was somewhat daunting.” (from the Preface)

Indeed, the book is a reprint (and an expanded and revised version, I believe) of the original book which was published in 1978. It was an old wine in a new wineskin, after all.

By the way, on 1972 he was still a seminary student in Oxford (1968-71: first degree on classics, 1970: Oxford CF president, 1971-75: ministerial training). The sermon that he mentioned, then, was perhaps coming from his field education.

(And, I guess the truncated phrase is deliberate. It symbolically represents God the inexhaustible.)


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