Lest I forget

1. My father told me that when Ariel-Luna case was still in its heyday, whenever and wherever you found two or three people gathered, there is a decent probability that they were watching the video.

2. The headlines for Idul Fitri weekend are no doubt Terry Jones and HKBP. SBY wrote a letter to Obama and Ban Ki-Moon to protest against Jones’ (eventually cancelled) plan to burn the Koran, and he even held a press conference on Idul Fitri to re-iterate his protest. Two days later, an elder and a reverend from HKBP Ciketing were attacked after months of silence from the government. One wondered what might have happened if the problem has been resolved as swift as the response to Jones. On the other hand, one wondered as well what might have happened if Jones decided to stick with his original plan. Hell broke loose.

3. I bought Andrea Hirata’s newest bi-logy: Padang Bulan and Cinta di Dalam Gelas. I bought them only because I opened the last page and saw “A Ling” over there. Anyway, in summary, they told the genesis of Maryamah Karpov (and, yes, some updates on A Ling-Ikal story as well).

(Spoiler: If you have read the bi-logy, one could postulate that Ikal wrote the bi-logy to fund his migration with A Ling to Jakarta.)

4. I bought Joas Adiprasetya’s book. Berdamai dengan Salib: Membedah Ioanes Rakhmat dan Menyapa Umat. It is a response to Ioanes Rakhmat’s book, Membedah Soteriologi Salib. It’s GKI pastor vs. GKI emeritus pastor, STT Jakarta professor vs. former STT Jakarta professor kind of thing. I think I will write a review for the book, perhaps entitled Berdamai dengan Joas.

5. Based on a relatively small sample size (of going home during Lebaran holiday for two consecutive years), I conclude that Jakarta will be ideal if it is populated by two million people less than current population. So, please go ahead with the idea to move the capital to Palangkaraya!

6. Marzuki Alie argued for the necessity of larger office space for the parliament (and hence the plan of a new building which will cost approximately S$200 million) because he said that each parliamentary member needs several (if I remembered correctly, five) expert staffs and naturally they will need space to work (each will be allocated 120 sq m of space). Well, I’m not expecting every parliamentary member to be a technocrat. They are politicians, after all. But, if you think about it, there must be at least some responsibilities to lie with the parliamentary member to be an expert in his or her field. To request for five (is it too many or too few?) expert staffs actually exposed their own incapability in doing their work. FYI, the parliament targeted 70 new legislations this year. So far, they managed to legislate 7.

7. Whenever I went home, I always had an ecumenical/inter-denominational dialogue with my father (i.e., father is a Catholic, me a Protestant). My father lamented lack of pastors in the Catholic church. Well, I shared that the issue is not exclusively Catholic, it is a Protestant issue as well (I don’t know which one is worse). And so I shared that actually some of the blame must lie on us too, since we usually don’t prefer our kids to become clergies. It would be interesting if this conversation surface up again in the future, perhaps in a real case study involving the two of us.

8. I think I can easily become a typical Indonesian again in only a few days, i.e., like to comment a lot about politics (in Singapore I become like a Singaporean, bo chap as long as I get my monthly pay).

9. I went to Pondok Indah Mall for the first time (no kidding) and my response was, “Wow. Mal yang mayoritasnya bukan Cina.” (no kidding as well)

10. BB can indeed cause (or, for those who have had it initially, exacerbate) social autism.


2 thoughts on “Lest I forget

  1. d

    2. heck, some fundy netizen acted/commented as if Jones did it.

    4. the book has a lot of pastoral undertones (jgn kesana!), unlike Wright’s response to Piper, yang aga2 autis

    5&6-> just build it in palangkaraya.

    7. mau psyc/licikin biar dikasi ya. Septus Victor


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