Mice Story 08

The night before an early morning experiment I was always worried that I couldn’t wake up in time.

However somehow it turned out to be that I couldn’t sleep properly because of worrying too much.


(Of course, in the end I managed to wake up in time; if you didn’t sleep, waking up wouldn’t be an issue in the first place.)


8 thoughts on “Mice Story 08

  1. Monica

    tidur aja ko laen kali, sblom tidur minta Cinhehe bangunin jam xxx…enak deh tidurnya, happy knowing that ‘that’ somebody will be the one who’ll wake u up =D

    1. septian Post author

      haha iya juga si, tp masalah lainnya adalah klo expt mesti tidur lebi awal dari biasanya, tp badanku itu circadian rhythmnya ckp saklek zzz hahaha

  2. kuncup~

    is your supervisor that strict, until you must come really on time? (as in, 9 AM to 5… or midnight work?)
    try to sleep le. don’t make the mice more miserable. LOL.

    1. septian Post author

      bkn cup, emg jadwal scannya tu jam 9 pagi sampai jam 1 siang, soalnya kan kita ngebook mesin pny org lain gt hehe jadi ga bisa gunain seenaknya.

  3. pedro

    Hope you’re getting a deserved rest this weekend, not a hectic one. Happy together! Haha…

    I just wish to be back in the Little Red Dot now. Irony.


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