Between two worlds

Tomorrow I will start my final set of experiments for my study (and many more to come for my work), and naturally my blog will be wandering around the desert again. I really enjoy this one-week break in between these sets of experiments, as I was able to read and write more frequently. It also made me to realize that I really enjoy doing these and appreciate the time to do these even more (and that both of them definitely need momentum, as well). And of course it made me to realize that I can’t live in two worlds. As much as I love the world of biblical studies, I guess my primary habitat is still the world of cancer studies. The load will not be easier, and I need to learn to focus on my current race (somehow I felt déjà vu when I wrote this; I must have written this before and I guess it showed my perpetual struggle to let it go). And even with the current load I hardly can pick up back my paper writing that I left before. This pattern of work will stay as well until I graduate, so I better learn fast the art of mode-switching and multitasking or else I will find myself rotten in canteen B waiting for a free bowl of yong tau foo five years later from now.

But no worries. The fallen will come back for vengeance for sure.


11 thoughts on “Between two worlds

      1. kuncup~

        nasi goreng yg mana ya ? chinese?


        …waiting for a free bowl of yong tau foo five years later from now.

        going for post-doc?

        1. septian Post author

          hmm masi enak gk ya sampe mlm gt. apa mau dipanasin lagi. haha sounds a good idea si, makan nasi goreng cina mlm2 hahaha

        2. kuncup~

          siang msh ada nasi gorengnya…. kalo malem tinggal bihun yg minyaknya kmn2 itu aja kayaknya..
          dipanasin kayaknya ga terjamin deh. konon katanya stall itu makanannya kalo uda diatas jam 7 agak2 gmn gt haha

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