Work under reconstruction

One of the lessons that I learnt from Ko Tjeli is to cultivate patience (and, hence, grace) when we work with students (or, for what matters, with ourselves, and with other people as well). Living in an ultra-fast pace society might subconsciously implant a belief in our mind that the goal of discipleship is achievable instantaneously; that it is just one click away to be fulfilled. Well, I guess we need to learn and re-learn again that, indeed, discipleship is a lifelong journey. And that at the very end of our life it will be still incomplete anyway. It is not meant to be an excuse to be lax, though, but it should liberate us from holding an unrealistic expectation of Christian life. It is needed as well to prevent bitterness and disappointment that might occur when such illusionary expectation never fully materializes. We are always being work unfinished; work in progress; work under re-construction.


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