A hungry minion report

This blog has been wandering in the desert for about three months now. I think I have posted a few ‘hiatus’ posts before, but they turned out to be lipservice since I would just keep posting regularly, and, when things really got hard, you wouldn’t even time to write a ‘hiatus’ post.

Anyway, life is, indeed, good. Although I’ve been working like mad for quite some times now, God has never stopped being faithful. I have completed the first half of my final set of experiments before I will focus on my confirmation report, publications, and thesis. It feels really weird, though, to complete your experiment even before you wrote your confirmation report, but I guess in the end there are many ways which lead to a PhD degree.

It doesn’t mean that I don’t need to do more experiments, though. By no means. In fact, there are lots and lots of experiments in store. It just means that they won’t be included for my thesis and will be done only for my full-time work. On the other hand, it also means that I need to find some time outside those experiments to do the thinking and writing tasks listed above, and so far I have failed to do so. So indeed it is a part-time PhD after all.

I learnt a lot during this few months, of which the uttermost is that cancer is freak (as if we haven’t known about this before). It keeps destroying my hypotheses on weekly basis (or that my hypotheses were simply that bad, ha!). I guess I was really humbled in this journey. And I guess it will be good to share some of my experiences working with cancer in future posts — but not the thesis-materials, naturally.

By the way (totally unrelated with cancer), Jia Xiang Mee in Jurong Point is really really good! It tastes like Indonesian noodle.


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